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Be a Major League Hitter & Knock HUNGER Outta Here!!!

As we move into baseball's spring training and regular seasons, Escarez & Associates is stepping up to the plate to help combat hunger throughout our community!  As a local business, we feel strongly about fostering an attitude of stewardship that positively impacts our neighbors.  As such, we are asking our clients to support us in a food drive. Escarez & Associates invites all our clients and affiliated businesses to donate canned/dry goods in support of Orca K-8 and Rainier Valley Food Bank.  We need your support to make this a successful tradition... In exchange for your participation, we will credit your upcoming service invoice $5.00/can or item donated to the food drive (maximum value of discount is $100 = 20 cans/items). This is an annual tradition for our organization, and one that Escarez & Associates is proud to offer our support. Please read below for details.

Food Drive Information
Please contact Rey Escarez to coordinate a time to make your donation. Here are some of the suggested items most needed by Rainier Valley Food Bank:

General food items:
Whole grain pastas
Brown rice
Tomato products
Canned vegetables
Canned fruit, especially with low sugar (but not artificial sweeteners)
Canned fish or meat
Shelf-stable milk
Beef stew, chili and similar meals with low sugar and saturated fats

Infant and baby foods:
Baby formula
Canned milk
Infant cereal
Jars of baby food
Powdered or canned milk
We also accept baby diapers (package and/or box)